Use Google Forms to Get to Know Your Students

I’m working on putting my photo blog / parent night blog together and wanted to share a video that I ran across some where {probably from someone’s awesome blog!}. I’m sure many people have already seen the video, but it’s still awesome to look. As we put together things to start the school year, this is something that I think several people may want to use or adapt for their classroom. I know I am!


The form below is the one I used to get started with this past year. I’m going to adapt it some more and use it again! I mainly used it towards the end of the year, so it wasn’t really a get to know you form but rather a ‘what do you want me to know?’. Sometimes students have a hard time talking to someone and need to be able to tell teachers and administrators something anonymously. I shared it by embedding it on my school class page. I plan on putting this on my photo blog/parent night website.

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