Meme This!

Pythagoras Says Don't Be Square

It’s July. While some teachers seem to have just settled in to summer break, I’ve soaked up over half of my summer time already. It’s a blessing to get out of school in May. It leaves two FULL months plus part of August. It is awesome!

I truly enjoy teaching, that’s why I’m working on some school stuff over the summer. It makes me happy to get some stuff done…plus, it makes life a little easier during the busy school year.  One thing I HAVE to do though is to create a professional development activity for the school district I work for.

I’ve done a good bit of professional development, that means I must present at the district instructional fair when school starts back. I put in a proposal for a session on using memes in the classroom.  I’m pretty happy about the possibilities. It will be a fun topic and I’ll also get to present with a fellow teacher that is super funny. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my findings, resources, apps, and presentation that I’m preparing. Plus, I want to show teachers ways to ‘spice’ up their lessons with memes, infographics, and visuals that will help students connect to their learning. If anyone has any resources to share, please do so!