Working It!

Monthly/Weekly Calendar. Check!


Lesson plan book. Check!
Lesson Plans

Grade book and Data Analysis Documents. Check!

Attendance book. Check!
Attendance Book
I haven’t posted yesterday or yet today because I have been super focused on setting up my organization for the year. I’ve officially finished my lesson plan book, grade book, calendar, and attendance book {at least the digital version}! These will also go in a big binder together…well, maybe not all of them in the same binder, but for the most part, they will all go in a big teacher binder for the year. The only thing left to create is my cover for the teacher binder. It looks like I’ve used a chevron print for all of my cover pages so far, but all my classroom decor is PINK zebra print! I guess I should have thought through that a bit more. What’s a girl to do?! Everything is suppose to match!

Now that these documents are created, I must print and put them in their right binder! Let me share some of my thoughts.

Lesson Plans

My lesson plans typically go in their own notebook because I have the whole years plans and several classes all in one place. I’m going to do something a little different this year than previous years. Check out my plan:

Each lesson plan page will go in a page protector sheet. I’ll have to remove the page from the protector any time I want to write on it…which is usually often, but hopefully the pros will over way this con! Three reasons for the page protectors…1) To keep them clean and not bent/torn-up. 2) to keep from needing to punch holes in papers {pain for photocopying}. 3) easy and fast access storage place for a single copy of required documents for the week.

I usually keep activities, assessments, answer keys and any other documents that are needed with the week’s lesson plans organized in binders by chapter (three chapters separated by dividers usually fit in one binder). I’ll probably still do this, but I never seem to be able to find stuff efficiently using this method {mainly because I end up stacking extra copies with the documents and not putting the documents back in their proper place} so I need to figure something else out…until then, these documents will go in the page protectors behind the lesson plans.  I think this may work!

Grade Book and Data Analysis Documents

My grade book and data analysis binder will be AWESOME this year. The focus is more and more on the common cores standard.  I need some way to document and track that the standards have been taught and also that students master the standards. To do this I created a Grade Book and Data Analysis binder.

I got all kinds of data tracking forms for my binder.  The one below is one of my favorite forms. It’s going to be work, but hopefully helpful for data tracking. I’m a math nerd: I like data and numbers. Do the directions make sense? Sometimes things that make senses to me, doesn’t make a lick of sense to anyone else. Take a look:
Standards Mastery

Me and my silly self forgot to put one document in this binder pack! Luckily it’s one that I already had done from last year…I just need to make it look cute and add it to the binder pack. Take a look at pre-awesomizing:

Data Tracking

PASS is our state testing {E means exemplary…the class I am showing was my honors- they rocked it!}.  I love the tracking here. It mainly lets me see the progress through out the year and see if something doesn’t line up correctly. For example, the first student has pretty low grades, but scored well on MAP and PASS…so that means something is wrong and needs to be discussed with the student.

Once I get these binders put together, I’ll share the pictures. My goal is to get them printed and put together tomorrow!

On a side note, I’m really enjoying writing this blog! I feel that it is really helping me collect my thoughts and think through things…plus I’m liking being able to reference back to my plan later on {I’m forgetful if it’s not written down}!