Math Posters

I’ve been tinkering today with a few things.  One of which is a project for my classroom. During the school year, teachers have to post our standards on the board, along with objectives, agenda, etc… I must say that this is something that I HATE doing. Blah!! I see value in displaying these, matter of fact I think they are essential for student learning. Students need to know what they are suppose to learn and the reason for it!

The reason I hate writing these on the board is a selfish one: I have terrible handwriting! I’ve learned to adjust and make my handwriting neat- specially for teaching! But if I don’t have to write, then I don’t! I’d much rather type it—so I created new posters for the common core standards {8th Grade Math}. Check it out!


Standard Poster

You can download them for free if you’d like or if you want some of your own but a different grade, let me know. I’d be happy to make them for you!