Rediscovering Upad – Making a PDF Editable

I may be a little late to this scene, but I’ve learned something SUPER cool today– it happened by accident really.

I have had Upad on my iPad for some time now, but I haven’t REALLY been able to use it consistently where it was super beneficial and efficient. That ends today.

My latest posts have been about reflecting, getting organized for the upcoming school year {I’m a nerd like that}. Well, I’ve also been trying to organize my blog too. I have all these ideas of things I want to write about but it gets overwhelming in my brain when I’m trying to keep track of all my ideas. I never have scrap paper lying around the house, so I figure I could use Upad on my iPad to gather my thoughts and organize a little bit. Since it’s been a while since I used it, I decided to explore a little bit.

I imported my calendar and lesson plan templates…IT WORKS WONDERFULLY! See it in action…


You can scribble anywhere on the screen and choose your pen type/size/color…

IMG_1050  IMG_1046  IMG_1047

If you want to be a little more precise {which I do} use the handwriting feature. My lesson plan template isn’t editable, but Upad makes them editable!


See the small highlighted box towards the top right? You can make that box as big or small as you want and move it around anywhere on the screen.  This is where your handwriting will show up. I like it because you can make it so you can write tiny in the boxes.
The longer highlighted strip is where you are to write. The red section of that will automatically scroll across the page or down the page when you start writing in that section so neat!

My lesson plan template was created to show across two pages when printed. That is a tiny problem in the Upad- it doesn’t show multiple pages at once. HOWEVER, you can still write on each page then print them out after you write on them-that is what I plan on doing. I like the digital copy, but my boss lady likes the hard copies when she visits our classrooms. I have the digital files for me, but then print/hole punch/organize hard copies for my principal’s needs.

Done and done! Excellent! Upad makes my PDF version editable very easily!

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