New Beginnings

Lesson Plans Cover

How you start something says a lot about how you will end. Beginnings are the best, they promise a bright fresh future.

I’ve started {tried to start} each school year with a bang on the first day. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. For example, my first year teaching I began the year giving a challenging the students to work hard. We talked about how everything we want in life has to be worked hard for and doesn’t just get handed to us. We also talked about how previous successes in the past made them feel. Most students said it made them feel accomplished and motivated them to continue and go even further! I have suspicion that those students who didn’t agree with this were not being 100% honest. We also talked about how things we aren’t good at have to be practiced the most.   The discussion was very frank, honest, open, and REAL.

Anyway, it was an awesome discussion and a great opening the school year. I’m pretty sure that I shown a short video clip too but I can’t seem to find it {it was years ago, so don’t hold it against me!}. I ended the discussion with a promise. I promised them that I would do the same thing that they needed-work hard and not give up. Since I was already a math expert, I decided to be a little vulnerable and share something with them. I always wanted to juggle. It was something FUN that I wanted to learn. If I wanted it bad enough, then I need to work on it.  That was my promise; if they promised to work on their math then I would continue practicing my juggling.

Through out the year I would occasionally spare a few minutes in class to show them my progress on juggling. In turn I asked them to think about their efforts. Did their efforts match what was needed to get where they wanted?  It got them thinking and usually gave them a much needed to spark to their motivation. Plus, it was a good laugh watch me try to juggle- I got pretty good at it!
Lesson Plans

What about this year?

I haven’t decided what I want to do this year YET. But I have a couple ideas rolling around in my head. I’ll share those after I can put something a little more solid together.

Since I’m starting to think about my lessons, I’ve been working on my lesson plan template. Lesson plans are one of the most important things we do as educators, but often they get put on the back burner- at least for me. We always have a TON of stuff to do. So I re-created my lesson plan template to help me get organized in a stylish way- makes it more fun!! Plus, I need my lesson plan template to be efficient and focus the most important {and required parts from the boss lady} parts of my daily plans.

Feel free to check out my lesson plan template!