Past, Present, and Future…

It’s July. While some teachers have just settled in to summer break about two weeks ago, I’ve soaked up almost half of my summer time already. It’s a blessing to get out of school in May. It leaves two FULL months plus part of August.  I guess no matter which way you slice the pie the amount of time is the same. Mentally it seems like more time when every day of June and July are free of mandatory work.

The relaxation and recuperation is necessary during summer time hours.  Once my brain is no longer seemingly fried from the busy school year, my thoughts look towards the future.  Even though its tiring, teaching is a passion. I want each school year to be better than the last.

So it’s time. It’s time to reflect on the past. It’s time to plan for the future. Who ever said teachers have the summer off was wrong! Summer is a time when we can work at our leisure, but for our own pleasure instead of under so much stress. So, that’s my plan for the week: start reflecting and begin planning…at my leisure. 🙂