Welcome to my blog! I’m excited about my new adventure here!

Fact about me: I have dogs. I love them. They are irresistible:
My Aviary-Edited Photo
Admit it you like them too. I know you can’t help it! Specially when they make faces like this:

Jack and Sammie Funny Faces

They are the reason for this blog. Well, kind of.

Truth is, I love these dogs more than just about everything else in the world (other than my husband and family).  Their names are Samantha (white) and Jack (brown).  No matter what kind of day it is, these dogs bring me back down to Earth, show me their unconditional love, and make everything better all of the time.

I’m a math person. Numbers make sense, words often don’t make sense to me. Growing up, I always hated ELA. HATED. I never could quite understand some concepts. For example, analogies were one of those concepts. Why could I not pick out words that relate to one another in some way? It seems simple.  So when the ‘dog days of summer’ started a few days ago, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how my lovely dogs could be related with the terrible hot and humid temperatures of summer time in the phrase.  How can something so wonderful help form a phrase with negative connotation.

Then something clicked.  Understanding and math are two words that very much relate in my mind. Math makes sense to me, I’ve also  understood numbers for whatever reason.  Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for students all the time.  Students often enter my class at the start of the year frustrated and not liking math due to poor previous experiences. That’s where this blog comes into play. My goal for this blog is help me document, reflect, and share my experiences, through which I can hopefully help my students love and understand math.  I want to take two words that don’t necessarily related according to students and turn it around! I want the words math and understanding to naturally go together for students, just like it does for me.

I gave this blog the name “Dog Days of Math” to will help me remember my goal and purpose!


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