Santa Sacks!

So excited that my next batch of santa sacks arrived!

My previous ones turned really cool an I am so excited for this next set too!

Love love love these! Specially since I am in no rush and can do these at my liesure. 

Want one? Comment below!
Janelle Graham

Getting my crafty on!

My latest project…

My happy place! Or at least one of my happy places is crafting! 

These dog tags are easy to make and I love making them.

I have a couple more crafty projects coming up for Christmas. So excited for my materials to get here!

Make today and every day amazing!


Fighting Fear

My Lottie is so brave that it is kind of scary!   If you don’t know that their is a reason for a fear, how would you know to be afraid. I am thankful to say that I am trying to teach her to be brave, independent, curious, strong, and oh so much more.

But sometimes we are afraid for unknown reasons. Something deep within us tells us that something isn’t right, which is great to have that perception since it can keep us out of harms way. However, sometimes is an irrational fear and you have to fight it.

For example, I was deathly afraid of speaking in front of others and still am from time to time. I have to fight that fear.

For Lottie, at her young age she is afraid of any type of containment. Ball pits: so fun for most kids! Lottie however screams bloody murder.  The little ‘chicken coop’ pictured behind her in the image above terrified her. It had little balls and pom poms. Fun, right? Not for Lottie. Sweet girl, had to be pulled out immediately. She’s kind of loud for a 10 month old.

It’s easy to look at others and think, “wow, that is silly!”

No matter how ‘silly’ it may seem to others. It’s not silly. But keep fighting. Always keep fighting that fear. Don’t give up!  Know that. Your fears are not silly. Link arms with others and keep moving forward.  Also, help others fight their fears. Don’t diminish their fear or make fun of their fear, just be helpful. Be sweet. Be encouraging. Our world needs more of that.


What happens if I don’t give up?

In the past, I have given up way to many times! How about you?

I know what giving up feels like. It stinks!  Now, I want to know what it would feel like if I don’t give up. If I keep pushing through and quit saying “I can’t…”.  It is my goal to know what it feels like to not give up! It should be your goal too!



My blog has changed directions and that is okay! Education and crafty stuff are still part of who I am, but it’s not all of who I am!  At the moment, I want to be a hope dealer to others! That is my goal. I am determined and will not give up on my dreams!

What is your hope?!












Focusing on the now!

So for a while I felt like this was true. Now I know it’s true. Check out this article on depression and anxiety and how it is related to gut health.

Here is another article:

I am working on getting my gut healthy! Focusing on the NOW. Not regretting the past or worrying about the future! Drinking my pink drink, focusing on health.  :)


Lets get real here

Prepare yourself… it’s about to get real here.

✔️can’t fit into your Fall wardrobe from last year. 👎

✔️feel like you need a nap every day.😴

✔️are cranky until you have your morning coffee.🙅

✔️have a low sex drive.💋

✔️have horrible hangovers.🍻

✔️feel sad or experience mood swings! 🎭

✔️miss your kids and family every time you have to go to work.👩‍👧‍👦

✔️have tried a thousand diet systems and are ready to just be healthy.🍇

✔️are nervous about the holiday meals coming up because you don’t want to gain!🍰

✔️struggle with unstable levels in your body.💥

These are the things that plexus can help with. It’s time to get healthy  and  make health a priority.

Then let’s do this already… TRY #plexus 💕 don’t look back a year from now and wish you did. Take your life back now! After 60 days- if you aren’t convinced -send your empty packages back in for a 100% refund! 📲 (plexus works and has less than 1% return rate)!!!

Message me at janelle at

Skipping the Sugar Cravings

BOO! 👻👻👻👻 Happy Halloween friends!

Who wants to skip the sugar cycle these next few months?! Dont be scared of all the candy and goodies. The less you eat sugary/fatty foods, the less you will crave them. Eating fresh fruits and veggies can help reduce those cravings.

Plexus Slim can help to reduce your cravings even more and help to keep your blood sugar balanced in the most natural way possible. The Plexus Triplex helps to improve your gut health and reduce the cravings even more. You will find it easier to avoid those high sugar/fat foods and will begin to crave healthier foods!

I was looking back through some old photos from when I started plexus! Here was my thought from this day…Enjoying my plexus slim as I watch hubby and baby play! Several days in row that I haven’t NEEDED my afternoon coffee and sugar. So excited, on a great path!



Change Inside Out

Change is good! Working on change from the inside out, so I can be the healthiest and best version of me!


I am so looking forward to this health journey! Yes, I want to look healthy and fit. Honestly though, isn’t it more important to change the inside first?! When the inside changes, I truly believe that the outside will change as a side effect!


Our Changing World

I am so thankul for a friend sharing this article. Hit perfectly on my thoughts for this morning!!! 

While Matt and I have made a decision together for me to be home with our baby and to live on one paycheck, I want Charlotte to grow up seeing and learning hard work from both of us. I want her to learn that she can do ANYTHING if she is willing to work for it. Teaching her that starts now! But this doesn’t mean that I should have to give up being able to spend my days with her to show her how to work hard. I can have my cake and eat it too!  

I use Plexus products and know they work. Our world is changing with more and more focus online and social media. Also, many families want to keep their babies at home rather than send them to daycare. The dilemma is that parents also need two paychecks to survive.  There are a lot of scams out there. However, not all network marketing is a scam. Instead it has become a solution to many problems.

Mommas can stay home with their babies.

Earn extra income for their families.

Opportunity to share products that you know and love!

I don’t know about you, but I rather buy something from a friend that I know and trust, specially if I know that it will support their family rather than randomly pick a brand I know little about at a store!


Tri-plex and Feeling Good

I’m pretty sure the main reason I am able to function now is Tri-plex! Guys, I feel amazing! Seriously, after being drained for the first 8 months of Charlotte’s life, I am so glad that I finally found something that helps me! I was so skeptical at first, cause you know….pyramid schemes! BUT this company is amazing!  They aren’t anything anywhere close to a pyramid scheme. Honestly, these products have made me feel so good that I would want to write about them even if I did not become an ambassador! Seriously.


I became an ambassador in the middle of September, so it’s been a little over a month. So far I have lost about 12 pounds from my mommy tummy (of course that includes working out and eating  right too!)

But even if I had not lost weight, I would still take the tri-plex! Hello feeling great and energy! Good-bye grumpiness!

I may be posting more (yay!) because I feel like I have more energy and time. This will be the second time this week. That is a win in my book!

If you want more info about Tri-plex, email me! janelle [at]